Cracking Dungarees, step 1 …………

If I’m going to crack dungarees at the age of 43 and ensure that I’m not laughed out of town I’ve got to have a good think about how best to wear them. I’m still of the opinion that dungarees can successfully be dressed up and down but today I’m going to concentrate on styling more casual looks. For me at least, black, as opposed to the other khaki and white versions I’ve seen is the way forward – more stylish and versatile. So the dungarees in question are the ASOS 90’s Style Dungarees £45. Mine are still on order but haven’t arrived yet.

Firstly ultra casual but still a very simple look. You can’t go wrong with a monochrome outfit, so pairing with either this Matalan T-shirt or the Boden Breton top. I love the Matalan T-shirts and there a variety of other letters to choose from, which is the sort of little thing that always amuses me! Top with either a denim jacket or a blanket cardigan. On the bottom a pair of black trainers to create a relaxed yet still ‘put together’ outfit.


Clockwise from top left:- ASOs 90’s style dungarees £45, Boden long sleeved Breton top £20 (was £25), Warehouse pleat front jacket £25 (was £46), New Look blanket cardigan £15 (was £25), New Balance 620 micro trainers £65

Slightly upping the smart stakes now. A high necked top works well. I’ve been loving the Victorian lace numbers currently around and this River Island cream blouse would work brilliantly as would the Jigsaw polo neck, which I know is amazing quality. Throw on a trench coat as it gets colder and wetter and pair with either the Office animal print lace ups or loafers.


Clockwise from top left:- Dune slipper fringe loafers £65, Office animal print lace ups £30 (were £60), M&S Collection coat £89, River Island cream lace high neck blouse £35, Jigsaw silk cotton polo neck £79

Since I began this post the ASOS delivery has arrived. When I went to collect it from the neighbour, she assumed they were for the kids! This does not bode well!




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