And so the panic sets in ……….

Off to a 50th birthday party tomorrow evening and am still undecided on an outfit. The OCD in me does not like this situation one bit, I like to have an outfit done and dusted, hanging there just waiting to be put on. Husband on the other hand has pulled out all the stops and put the jumper he’s wearing through the washing machine, on a delicate cycle no less. So that’s him sorted.

There are various outfit options; a black Whistles all in one or a midi skirt and top combination. Shoes are sorted as I’ve brought the Miss KG Honest black sandals £85 below which I think I’ll gets tonnes of wear from. So it’s just the top bit that needs some inspiration.imageAnyway change of tack brought on by the success of the two East chunky kimono style cardigans that I brought recently in the sale. I’ve worn them open over dungarees and also pulled in with a skinny belt over jeans. Now there are variations on the theme of a cardigan everywhere this A/W, called either blanket cardigan, kimono cardigan, coatigan, wrap cardigan, the list goes on. What I’m talking about here is a traditional cardigan shape, so no ponchos, that has the potential to be worn open as a cardi or more shawl like, with a belt. Clear?!

Saying all that you could probably argue that this Hobbs Alison Blanket Wrap Cardigan (to give it its full name!) £69 is more shawl than wrap. But minus the tassels you’d be back in cardigan territory. Anyway it would be a great throw on, could worn with anything.


Bargain from East next. Tweed Kimono Cardigan £29 (from £99). This  would be so, so useful.


Very simlar to above is the Hush Nessa cardigan below, but at £110 it’s 4 times the price. I prefer the East one irrespective of the price, mainly due to the longer length.imageI love, love this grey beauty from Hush, Loop Cardigan £79. The styling with the black roll neck and relaxed trousers is on the money in my book.


I’ve been yearning for a black and white checked coat for a while. This is more of a coatigan from Oasis £50 but would be such a classic piece to throw over anything.


And in the same vein as the Oasis coatigan is this Mango flecked panel cardigan £39.99 which would be ideal for the weather now, does the job of both cardigan and coat.


Right off to consider midi skirt/top combinations. I’ll let you know what I ultimately go for.




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