Two different looks, same party ……..

Shabby is the only way to describe how I’m feeling today. This was as a result of last night’s 50th party for my lovely friend, M’liss.

Finding an outfit for a do like this is a tricky business. I’ve been working with M’liss to find an outfit that was glam enough to feel special, ideally with a bit of a quirky twist but avoiding any trace of mutton or trying too hard.

There were 4 different Looks that we explored; a statement dress, leather skinnies together with longer length top, all-in-one or interesting trousers and top combo. There has been a huge amount of trying on as funnily enough something that looks amazing on that    18-year model didn’t quite translate as well on a real life person. Ultimately it came down to a beautiful Vivienne Westwood metallic dress or some floral Gucci silk joggers. However as soon as the joggers were on it was clear we had ourselves a winner, especially when worn with a simple Ottod’Ame black top which has a slight split up the back and Michael Kors Guiliana sandals.


As for me I went for the Whistles sparkle skirt and top that I’ve worn lots of times as separates but for the party added a belt from Reiss which made it look like I was wearing a dress. I loved the KG sandals but I half crippled myself by walking to the party in them, which was clearly was a mistake as today I appear to have bruised soles of the feet.


Right, I need trash TV and some kip ……. a week of healthy eating and exercise coming up.



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