The peasant blouse trundles into Autumn, and more than likely Winter ……..

During the summer I really loved all things peasant, boho, gypsy – call it what you will. I embraced the cotton embroidery, tassel detailing and occasional off the shoulder design of the peasant blouse. It’s an item that’s flattering for every size and shape as clearly it’s in most people’s interests to steer well clear of anything remotely cropped and lean towards a voluminous shape with a longer length.

You’d have maybe thought that the peasant top would be done and dusted by the summer but I’m convinced there’s more life in it and we’ll just be layering it as it gets colder.

Doing a quick skim of new bits at M&S, I came across this denim tencil embroidered blouse (£28 but now down to £20) and loved the relaxed, casual style and also the detailing around the shoulder. I do still love it but have been slightly put off when the 11-year old asked if it was Bambi’s? (Don’t ask it’s what the kids call my mum in her attempt not to feel like a granny!). So I do have to ask myself am I just being had over by a top that I associate so much with summer, which is now just a distance memory and as a result failing to see that the peasant blouse is ever so slightly granny-fied?


There are so many ways of wearing this style of blouse – which I’ll cover in a later blog. However I kept it simple and wore it with high waisted flares from Reiss (old) and studded platform boots from Massimo Dutti.


So what do you reckon? Do I take the opinion of an 11-year old who’s only previous opinion on anything clothes related is, ‘is it the Fulham away or home kit?’ Or do I just embrace the fact that the peasant blouse is here to stay?

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