Tassels, tassels everywhere, not an inch to spare …….

imageThe M&S top is staying, despite what the 11-year feels he needs to share with me about it. It’s a day of taking the 70’s theme and making it ultra casual as I’ve had a day (literally a whole day!) of trying to construct the 3 new bar stools that arrived today, and my gawd it’s finished me off. In the end I admitted defeat and abandoned everything to my husband. I’m a bit M&S’d out today as in addition to the denim gypsy top, I’m also wearing M&S patchwork relaxed skinny fit jeans (£20 down from £39.99) and Converse pumps. My bag is Warehouse, £10 in the sale.

Now back to my take on styling for a boho/gypsy top. I never thought this would be a trend for me but actually I’m coming around to more layering, more textures, more everything really…… It’s the way forward my friends! As I’m very much a highstreet girl I’m looking at a lot faux leather, faux suede and faux fur but that’s all ok as whilst there’s more of the bohemian style a-coming it’s not going to be around for ever. Cue me still in my fringing and flares this time next year!image

Clockwise from top left: Mango leather sneakers £44.99, Warehouse faux fur gilet £69, Primark maxi faux suede skirt £15,  East embroidered top £14 (down from £59), River Island denim button up midi skirt £38, Zara patchwork boyfriend jeans £29.99

Any other gems anyone has found for this bohemian look as we end towards winter? I’d love to know.

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