It was good while it lasted ……….

imageASOS dungarees, M&S striped top, New Balance 420 trainers

I kid you not, my 3rd – yes I repeat 3rd – pair of ASOS 90’s style dungarees have broken within 24 hours of wear and are being promptly returned. However much I love them, however comfy they may be, they are clearly shite quality and I now officially declare I’m done with dungarees.  At least my neighbour will be pleased as she’s had to sign for all the various packages that keep winging their way from ASOS.

Knackering weekend so far, full of back to back squash for me and the kids. Time now for vino and some culinary creation that the kids have been working on all afternoon – no parental interference allowed but lots of chocolate and sprinkles involved.  I couldn’t give a toss about the rugby …… But I appear to be the only one, everyone else in this household is glued to the TV.

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