It’s pure madness, that’s what it is ……….

I’m talking the tendency for distressing, torn, basically trashing your clothes. This is why I’ve never done the jeans with rips at the knees. It’s a look that I think has just past me by, essentially because I’m 43 and not 15 years old. I also cringe at the thought of my knee exploding out a pair of torn jeans, pretty damn hideous.

However fraying is a completely different ball game. From the look of it anything raw edged, unfinished, undone, frayed etc is going to be doing big business and I particularly love the fraying in denim.

I do have fraying – the high waisted ASOS cropped jeans that I brought a while ago. Loved at the time but weirdly haven’t worn as much as I thought primarily because they are unbelievably tight around the waist. I had taken a photo of me in them to show that they didn’t look half bad but my fool of a husband has deleted a load of photos, cross is not the word! So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I don’t love the styling with these Topshop Moto undone denim culottes £36. I’d prefer either pumps or stillettos. I actually prefer my ASOS ones, but like I said no photos …. Mutter, mutter


Levis 711 frayed skinny jeans £90, cute length and look a great fit but the torn knee would be a no from me.


My favourite, Ted Baker Shenzii raw hem skinny jeans. Love the colour of the denim. Would look great with an oversized cardigan and biker boots, although you couldn’t see the fraying, so defeating the particular point of the look.


I’d need to try on these Zara jeans with frayed hem £25.99 although by the look of those creases around the groin and knee areas I reckon they’d be typical Zara quality and would look pants on.


M&S Collection frayed hem denim pencil skirt £13 (down from £29.50) is a bargain and could easily be worn for work with heels and tight polo neck.imageI love this Karen Millen denim A-line skirt with frayed hem £80, combining both the fraying and patchwork effect. imageI love, love this Warehouse frayed hem shift dress £45, particularly the length of the sleeves and the pocket styling. Only question mark will be the short length which even with black opaques would be verging on indecent on 5’09” of me.


New Look blue denim frayed hem T-shirt £17.99 could be such a useful top. I wouldn’t wear it  with the  leather look legging but rather some joggers, cropped trousers or leather A-line midi skirt.


Right, going to attempt to forgive the husband.

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