So skinny it’s painful ………


H&M jumper, French Connection silver grey jeans, J shoes tan/black boots

There are just two comments I have to make about this photo.

Number 1.   3x kids playing football/hockey 24/7 trashes a person’s lawn. Stupidly I hadn’t really taken this on board previously. I must have grown immune to the socking great bald patch in the middle of my lawn.

Number 2. I may rethink wearing spray on skinny jeans, just not the best look on me. Normal skinnies would have been OK with this jumper but it’s the legging kind of tightness of this pair from French Connection that get me wincing.

In my defence I gave about a minute thought to what I was wearing this morning. Last minute I’d been roped into managing my daughter’s hockey team. Dear god I haven’t played hockey for the last 15 years, so I felt the pressure, especially as half the team all felt they should play centre forward!

This weekend I’m putting all my summer clothes back in the loft and getting out the winter woolies. I feel a wishlist coming on for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe ……..To be posted shortly. Anything in particular people have got their eye on for A/W? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for following.




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