So many good intentions, come to nought ………

This week my own little private project has been a work wardrobe full of colour. As a result I’ve been colour blocking like crazy and have dug out bits that I haven’t worn for ages, so a pair of bright orange Fenwright & Mason joggers, a red Whistles dress and a pair of silky purple cropped trousers, all of which have cheered me up when schlepping off to work in the drizzly dark mornings.

So what have I got to show for this? Absolute squat, nada. The kids, my official photographers, have gone on strike (such a professional outfit this!) and it’s only by the time I’m in my PJs that I remember I should have taken a snap or two.

So my only offering is this photo.


Sandwich trousers, Cos layering shirt, Olsen jumper, Office sliders

Comfort was the name of the game with this outfit and all these, bits have served me well as they were brought a few seasons ago, in the sales.  Although I sometimes think the flower looks a bit phallic, like the cross section of a lady’s bits, but that may just be me!


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