Getting the pins out, with some trepidation ………

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again my legs are truly not my best feature. Bum OK (with clothes on clearly!) but legs and feet a bit of a let down. I blame genetics and also years of hockey and squash which somehow has resulted in a pair of rather over muscled pins. So I’ve always opted for midi length rather than mini. Even with skinny jeans I sometimes do a double take as I look the spitting image of one of those speed skaters.

Anyway now that all summer clothes have been packed away I’ve had a chance to root around in the winter woolies, I’ve dug out a couple of mini skirts that I’ve actually quite enjoyed wearing. I don’t know where this change of heart has come from, my legs certainly haven’t changed shape but my attitude is that bung on a pair of opaques and you can get away with murder.

Below is a Karen Millen wool midi which I loved last year because of the leather trim and crossover front. I don’t know why I look quite so cheery, I was just out to pick up kids. Worn with M&S Autogragh poloneck, M&S pink cardigan and M&S suede ankle boots.

That reminds me 20% discount at M&S till tomorrow with the code OCT15EM – there’s loads of goodies to choose from.


And a a very similar type of outfit for today’s itinerary of Hotel Translvania 2 (surprisingly good) and waffles. Another £20 poncho bargain from East (the shop that never stops giving as far as I’m concerned) worn with Jaeger mini, Reiss high neck top and same M&S boots.


That’s all from me.

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