Essentially an ankle boot that needs a bit of feeding up ……..

imageSo these are the so called biker boots that I finally went for. The Carvela pair £109. There’s lots to like about these boots, I love the side detailing and the wraparound straps. But are they really just pimped up ankle boots? I’m only umming and arghhhhing about them because I do already have ankle boots and I hate not getting as much wear out of my purchases as I think I’m going to get.  They are unbelievably comfy though, you could walk for miles in them but there’s no getting away from the fact that they are a tad short.

image image

So what do people think, yay or nay?

Oh did I forget to mention ……… As of today we’re ‘kid free’ as the grandparents have taken all three kidiwinkles to Edinburgh for the week. BRING IT ON I say!! So what excitement have Mr White and I got planned? Nothing other than buying a new mattress and a couple of games of squash in pipeline. No one can accuse us of not living it up!

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