Variations on a theme, LBD …………

No getting away from it, Christmas is a coming and that means cranking up a bit of glamour with a LBD. I’d like to say I need a LBD for all those Christmas parties I’m going to but to date the number of invits are standing at zilch. It must surely be a question of time, just lack of organisation by people -I keep telling myself. The invitations are bound to come flooding in so I’m going to crack on planning my purchases for these imaginary parties I’m going to! Saying that people do seem to have gone a bit bah humbug over Chrimbo parties. Work has decided that a drink in the pub will suffice,nditto anything school related. I’m going to be like Mrs Havisham siting alone in my LBD with a glass of sherry and a mince pie.

Looking around there are so many dresses that on first glance look perfect and then you take a second look and see that the length is so short that there is no way on God’s green earth that you’d get me wearing them. So below is a selection of black dresses that have an element of festive spirit but still could be re-worked for other occasions.

& Other Stories open back dress €115 (about £82) I love the draping with this dress. Absolutely not with the flats in the photos. A pair of heels and some glitzy earrings, perfection.imageWhistles also do this one shoulder mini dress in a gold but I think you’d get more wear out of the black £160. You’ve got to be pretty body confident with this, although the material is more forgiving than you’d think from the photo.


Now lots of my pals are quite anti lace but I’m a fan in general, I like this gothic look. This Wallis midi dress £60 has a bit of interest with the high neck and sheer panel and the midi length is much more wearable for all body types.


More lace with the Monsoon Audrey lace dress £169


Not strictly a LBD but I love the 60’s feel and the high neckline of this sequinned mini dress from H&M £99. I’d wear this with opaques and some suede block heels.


You could argue that this embellished midi dress from Ted Baker £125 is on the dull side but I love it’s simplicity and although I’m not saying 125 quid is cheap, it is for TB where some of the dresses I’ve seen were over £400 …… Seems outrageously over priced to me.


This black and navy colour block dress from Lavish Alice £54 is a really flattering shape and you could wear it for a multitude of different occasions. Team with silver accessories for glam at Christmas.


Warehouse graphic wrap dress £38.40 looks much more expensive and would love great with a tux type blazer. As always with Warehouse it could be indecently short. I’d always prefer a midi length but that’s only be and the ‘hockey legs’ of mine.


So has anyone else started hunting for a Christmas party outfit? I’d love to hear.

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