Bit of a hit and miss week, clothes wise ………..

Full on chaos has been restored now that the kids have been returned. All good things have to end I suppose but it was damn good while it lasted.

Anyhooo only a brief recap now on what I wore to work in the week. On work days I’m up before 6 and have thrown on my clothes and a bit of slap and downed a cuppa before being out of the house by 630. Skank alert – I don’t even shower in the morning, no time. I’m allowed a piddily light on so often I’m getting dressed in the dark pretty much. And now I look back on photos of outfits I think you can sometimes tell that not a huge amount of planning has gone into the ‘look’ and there are occasions when an outfit can be classed a ‘wrong ‘un’.

imageYou can tell it’s a Monday, I’m looking relatively perky despite it being scary o’clock. This is a Viyella skirt that I got on the bargain rale one time when were in St. Andrews. It’s quite a frumpy pleated style but I’ve actually had huge amount of wear from it as I love the colours. I always wear it with long boots, this pair are AGL. The poloneck is Reiss as is the belt. The blazer is Whistles, again in a sale, but I have worn to death.

imageYou can see that a polo neck is my automatic go to when dressing for work. I much prefer them to a blouse or shirt as I don’t have to faff around with a cami or vest top. I buy the Autogragh modal rich polo necks in bulk. They are usually £22.50, currently down to £18. They are brilliant as an underlayer. Great fit and a good fitted polo neck, none of these slouchy necklines. The parsley dress is Monsoon from a few years ago. Boots are ancient as well, from L K Bennett.

imageNow this I feel is where it all starts going a bit downhill. At the time I felt OK but now I take a second glance at the photo it just looks frumpy. I’m like a broken record but the dress was a bargain from John Lewis collection. It was only a tenner. It’s the split material that I’m not liking. I’d prefer it in all print.  Worn with black M&S poloneck – I have a number so they are clean – I’m not that much of a skank! M&S suede ankle boots. I’m currently searching for a similar style, at a similar low price, but no luck so far.

Thanks for following.



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