Decision made, finally! …….

You may have noticed, I’ve banged on about it enough, but recently I decided that I just had to have a pair of biker boots. And that’s when the trouble began. Who’d have thought they’d be so many choices. Have I been able to make a decision …. Have I heck. The boots have been either too low, too expensive, too blingy. Originally I was after a pair from Seven Boot Lane but they were from last season and this season’s style wasn’t nearly as good. I brought a pair from Carvella but have since taken them back as they were essentially ankle boots with a few zips added. Also, as quite a few people pointed out if you think about a £1 a wear, would I have really have got 109 wears from. When it’s pointed out like that it does focus the mind somewhat …….. So back the boots went.

Cue the Dune sale suddenly popping up out of nowhere. I’m loving my new boots, just what I’m after.

imageVery similar to the Carvela, in fact the straps and zips are identical, but taller and at £49, more than half the price. Real leather, dead comfy and I love the slightly slouchy look to them.

imageSo these are the boots in their full glory. Here I’m wearing them with East skinny black jeans £17 in the sale and a top I brought when I was pregnant but have continued to wear quite a bit. Right, biker boots finally brought ….. I’ll definitely get 49 wears from them.

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