All in the name of research …….

Now as I have previously mentioned I’ve been hearing great things about the New Look coated skinny jeans. So I ordered 8 pairs which finally I’ve got around to trying on. I’d like to issue a health warning that the following pictures really are not pretty. There’s no way that a close up of anything skinny plus a bit of faux leather thrown into the mix can look anything but hideous. But despite all this I love them and am going to keep two pairs and am tempted to order another pair, but just shorter.

First up the High Waist Super Skinny £24.99. They come in different leg length and appear to come true to size so I’m wearing a 12.   These honestly feel like leggings but don’t have the hot, slightly sweaty feel of faux leather. These would be great with heels, shoe boots or trainers. Clearly there is no way on God’s green earth that the waist band should be on show, so with an oversized jumper or slouchy knit of some description.


Next Super Skinny £22.99. These are too long for my liking, I prefer a more ankle grazing length. By again they feel great on, comfy as anything but there’s no getting away from all those wrinkles around the crotch area, all rather nasty.

imageFinally the most expensive of the lot, Parisan Black Leather Skinny £27.99, with the added zips detailing. These feel less legging like but I prefer the fit around the top.

imageThese are the Parisan getting their first outing for going to friends last night. Fab night and added bonus that I didn’t feel remotely shabby this morning, put it down to walking home at the end of the night, after a change of footwear obviously!

imageCos top, Dune print stilettos

Total recommendation for you all.

Thanks for following.



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