Don’t need no other boots ……

With my misshapen feet it’s rare I find footwear that is actually comfy but, by jove I have found a pair a pair that are like slippers on. It’s a sign of my advancing age and also how much walking I do around the streets of Surbiton that I like these boots as much as I do, couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been seen dead in them. Much more chunky than I normally go for but I love the workman like styling and the gorgeous soft grey colour. Now I have these I don’t think I need any Chelsea boots and winter is sorted with these boots, biker and a couple of other pairs of ankle boots. I’ll be wearing these laced up but also slouchy and with skinnies, skirts, dresses – the lot.

imageGia boots, Whistles skater skirt, M&S poloneck, Red Herring gilet

Right action stations, got 10 coming for supper tonight. I’ve got to stop asking for dietary preferences from guests – the list of ‘no’ foods keeps on growing, makes me pine for my student days of a vat of chilli and your body weight in garlic bread and cider. Those were the nights!

Back soon.



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