How hard is it to get a snap? ……….

Bloody hard is the answer in our house. This was about 30 minutes before friends arrived and I was beginning to lose my laughing place as the two youngest kids KEPT on photobombing! The stress of Thai for 10 was beginning to show somewhat.

For some reason I felt the need to wear something cosy on Saturday night, hence the dress and cardi which is an outfit I’d usually wear in the daytime. You can’t tell from the photos but the dress has some really quirky styling around the pockets on the hips, basically a sort of balloon shape, think Effie Trinket style from The Hunger Games. Also the neckline is much more drapey in real life which I like. I picked up the outfit in a boutique in Wendover last year, both the dress and cardigan are from Sandwich and were under 30 quid in total. I’m wearing them with a pair of navy, suede shoe boots from Reiss.


imageFast forward 12 hours and was in dire need of sunglasses even though I was told repeatedly that it wasn’t sunny enough for shades.

Sunday – what’s worse than getting up at early o’clock to take the kids to hockey training? Getting up at early o’clock, taking the kids to practice only to discover that training is cancelled because of the frost and I’d missed the email!! After too much fun on Saturday night I was in the mood for layers, and lots of them. Here I’m wearing H&M oversized jumper, New Look coated skinnies, Gia boots and Max Mara coat. Scarf is from a local shop that I also buy a lot of my shoes from called Shoes At Last.

imageEnd of the working week for me today, yahoooo. Treated myself to a day off tomorrow so I can spend Wednesday finishing off my book club book.

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