Today was all planned out, but ……….

Itinerary for today was as follows, Total Body Workout class, hair cut then blitz (sorry kids, cover your ears) the presents for stocking as I’m getting a bit anxious about my total lack of Christmas present buying. So class done, hair cut, a couple of little presents brought for my daughter, who’s a 100x times easier than the boys to buy for and what do you know I brought a faux fur coat for myself. And then so shocked at how much I’d spent I had to abandon all other Christmas shopping and get myself home pronto.

These faux fur coats have been gradually growing on me as it got colder. Clearly they are total Pat Butcher but they are so cosy and warm …… But would I wear it enough to justify the price, that’s the question? It’s M&S Collection, originally £129 but with the Black Friday 30% discount, means it was £90.

Grey M&S roll neck dress, J Shoes bootsimageI ask myself, where exactly am I going to wear this bear of a coat, not to work – I’d be laughed out of the office and not as I stand on the hockey pitch sideline. It’s previously been established that Christmas parties are rather thin on the ground so again I ask, where do I wear it? I think the only way to justify the outlay is to wear it everywhere and with anything so teaming it with boyfriend jeans and trainers but also for any smarter looks.

There is another option – a few years back my teeny, weeny sized sister-in-law was sending a load of clothes to charity and I nabbed a couple of bits. Bearing in mind they were sizes 6/8 I haven’t had a lot of wear from her cast offs. One thing is a suede Whistles coat with a feathery/sheepskin collar and lapels. It’s clearly too small and I’d have to wear it open, but could I wear it and therefore return the faux fur? imageI think I know the answer to this question, my expression may say it all. However what do people reckon? Is the M&S coat a keeper or should it returned for another colour, ie black, or just my money back? Answers please …….

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