Another coat option I’d forgotten about …..

Now this one was brought in the Reiss sale last year, together with some tokens I had, so virtually free. Ridiculously impractical colour and I kid you not the very first time I wore it the youngest threw a dirty snowball at me, which hit my arm and promptly stained. You can imagine how hilarious I thought that was! Even though it was the youngest that did the deadly deed I blamed all 3 and even now can feel that red hot fury!

image Anyway I finally rescued it from the dry cleaner and bunged it on for going to book club the other night. Book up for discussion, Sugar & Snails by Anne Goodwin – about a transsexual in the 70’s – not the best we’ve read but interesting. Anyway I’ve forgotten how much I like the coat. Admittedly it will be trashed in a couple of wears but I love the colour and also the collar and lapels. I’m wearing with a print jersey tunic which I got when I was pregnant 10 years ago and still have great wear from, New Look coated skinnies (my best buy of the season) and my beloved Gia boots.

School fair yesterday – for my sins I’m one of the class reps. Had the Candy Floss & Gingerbread stall. Now I thought this was going to be easy peasy- how wrong I was! Bloody nightmare. Queues of sugar pinning kids combined with boiling hot sugar is a lethal combo and the stress is beginning to show in this photo. The sugar goes everywhere, covered my hair and clothes. I look a heap of shite but I was beyond caring at that point.

Next silk shirt, Whistles trousers and Gia boots (although you can’t actually see them!)


Thanks for following.


PS thanks for all the feedback on the faux fur coat, it’s a keeper.


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