Chrimbo panic beginning to set in …..

The Xmas decs are done, festive tunes are pumping out, Christmas tree up and heaving with every imaginable bit of tat but still very few Christmas presents brought. The few I’ve brought I’ve already been rumbled on. My daughter was having a rummage through various boxes and discovered her Lego Friends. I didn’t even have the energy to think of a plausible excuse so that’s her surprise up in smoke, oops!

Anyway things are hotting up on the party/Christmas drinks front, finally. In fact all I now really want to do is to curl up in my PJs and watch Strictly but the festivities must go on.

imageWhistles striped top, Whistles leather midi skirt, long boots

Friday was a night out with the squash girls. I was hugely late so this outfit was thrown on with very little thought given. This skirt from Whistles has probably been my Best Buy, ever. I’ve worn it in the summer with sandals and various T-shirts but also in the winter with a polo neck, tights and a pair of suede ankle boots. I’ve never really fancied it with long boots as it feels like a leather overload but actually I don’t mind it and it saves all the faffing with either tights or fake tanning legs.

Today my faux fur coat got its first outing as we went up to London to see a school friend of mine who’s moved into a flat spitting distance of Green Park. So different from our surburbian life but just an amazing place to live. I wanted my photo taken on my new front patio that I’ve spent all week getting anxious over but husband said I would look a tool and he’s probably got a point. I’m just delighted that I won’t have to put up with the fox/dog crap on the front grass anymore! Little things please me these days.

imageDune biker boots, Jaeger skirt, M&S polo neck

Right time for some more panic on line buying.

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