It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ……..

There’s a wreath war going on around these parts.

We’ve got the most massive wreath, brought a few years ago from Costco where everything Christmas related is super sized. My husband always complains as it’s virtually impossible to get into our house as its so difficult to find the door handle. Anyway my friend with the same Costco wreath, without consultation mind, upgraded her wreath by adding lights.  Consumed by immediate jealousy my husband was promptly sent out to buy more lights, and loads of them. We’ve now upped the anti and put lights on the wreath AND all the hedging so it’s looking totally winter wonderland out there.

Christmas party coming up and I’m dithering about what to wear.  These sequin trousers from H&M £29.99 are an option. I brought them today without trying them on. When I first tried them I thought they were going to be too tight but actually they just need a bit of pulling up and once they’re on the fit is great. Top tip on the wearing of sequin trousers – don’t ever cross your legs, you’ll never get them apart again without half the sequins falling off.

imageTheres also a gold version which I might prefer, but I couldn’t get them in store, only online.


Decisions still to be made.

Thanks for following.



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