Too early to don the sequins but maybe tonight? …….

For my sins I’m class rep for my youngest’ class this year – I’ve done a year for each kid and by God am I over it 3 years down the line. I’ve now got to resist the urge to join the PSA – I reckon I’d be getting a divorce before that happening.

Last night was our class Christmas night out, a select few to say the least. It appears that as I become the oldest mum at the school and all the other mums seem to grow younger it only the more mature of us that want to go out, weird hey?

Night in the pub so all very casual so I didn’t it was a suitable time to squeeze myself into the H&M sequinned trousers.


Reiss silk top, Reiss slouchy blazer, New Look coated skinnies, long black boots that are eons old and I can’t remember where I got them from, Stella & Dot necklace

I have had a bit of  U-turn on long boots teamed with leggings or skinnies. It always felt too speed skater like but I’m wearing this combo more and more. I find it a really easy and comfortable look.

Tonight the sequinned trews may get their first airing as have a squash night out. I’m now old enough to qualify as a Vet so it’s a team of me and a load of Vet men (as in old rather than curing animals!).

Wish me well, could be rather a big night.

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