There’s a new kid on the block ……..

I’ve liked the store & Other Stories for a while now, in particular their footwear, dresses and knitwear.  However so far all my purchases have been on line as my nearest store was up in London. That was until this weekend when a store opened in Kingston.

The shop is currently full of shimmer, glitzy and general bling which is always good in my book. I wore the H&M sequinned trousers at the weekend and after a few false starts trying to get them on – they really are impossible to get over your arse if there is so much as a whiff of moisturiser on your body –  I was rather pleased with them. Therefore there is no way I could claim I need any more glitz but it’s only polite to check out what’s on offer in a new store in town.

What’s immediately apparent is that their dresses are teeny weeny. Not that I ever would wear them without tights but in the event that I ever did get my legs out there would be real concerns over bending down.

My two favourite dresses are below; Gold Flake Open Back dress £105 and the Metallic Wool dress £55.

imageAnd now to what they looked like in real life – on a normally size 12-er at almost 5’10”. Pretty damn disappointing I say. I would however like to say that these photos were taken in my lunch hour plus I’m wearing all the wrong tights, shoes etc.

imageThis is actually a lovely dress, with an open back which I’m always a sucker for. I’m wearing a size 16 and even then it was a bit of a squeeze to get on, resulting in a huge lose of sparkle and glitter in the process. I actually think with a pair of stilettos and opaques it might not be a bad outfit but definitely one for the sale.

imageSack of potatoes is my only comment here. Again it’s a Large size but it’s the hang of the bottom of the dress that is the big no no. The only redeeming feature is the dropped back but there’s no getting away from the fact it looks nothing like the on the model.

Sales have arrived so I’ll be looking at those later this week.

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