There will be festive spirit, even if it kills me ………

Last year I don’t think I sung one carol, so this week, in a bid to imbibe the Christmasy feeling, I took all the kids up for a carol concert at Westminster Abbey. I loved it, I’m rather partial to a carol or two, and the kids survived but typically were more excited about going out for pizza beforehand. I haven’t told them yet that it’s going to be an annual event from now on …. Just imagine the moaning!

Cranking up the festivities with the youngest’ Christmas concert this week. All my lot are too old for nativities now, which I miss, so this was the next best thing. This photo makes me chuckle as I have never seen him look even remotely holy before, this is mid song not during a prayer mind.


I’m all a bit of a dither with clothes with this most unseasonal weather, it’s just so warm, I always seem to be mid hot flush. So today the ankles were out and only a really light blazer – even then I was still on the warm side.

Reiss blazer , Super Dry jeans, Olsen sweatshirt, Office slidersimage

Last day of school tomorrow, can’t bloody wait – even though I’m working till Thursday. I’ve had a little flurry with the River Island sale – which I’ll give you the low down on when the bits arrive.

Thanks for following.



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