When sales go horribly wrong ………

It’s a cliche but however cheap something is it’s never going to a bargain if it fits badly, is really unflattering and basically looks like shite. And this is what ALL of the bits from River Island were like. Standing there in the cold light of day of, trying thing on to ever increasing howls of, “that is disgusting” and “what is that?” I’ve come to the conclusion that I went ever so slightly deranged in the run up to Christmas and just flung a load of truly hideous bits into my shopping bag.

Floral all in one (£20 down from £50). It’s too big everywhere but these sleeves are just laughable. Feels crappy quality as well. Black halter neck (£15 down from £30) which is the same style as the patterned one below. I’m usually a sucker for anything halter neck but the quality of these two are just awful. Feels like a highly flammable item. Saving the best for last, a stripey sparkly top (£10 down from £30) with the most unflattering splits going up the side. This is not a look I’d recommend for anyone over the age of 15. And you have to ask, who buys these sort of poor quality things at full price?imageI suppose I’m actually doing everyone a service, of how not to tackle the sales, and to never ever be tempted by a floral, short jumpsuit with humunous sleeves!

Would I ever have brought any of these things at full price ……. If the answer is no, then don’t ever be tempted to think that just because it’s half price it’s suddenly going to look extra gorgeous on you. Another way of viewing things is that it’s half price because it’s horrible and no one else wants it. Another thing to consider is would this go with anything else in my wardrobe, at least 4 items I reckon. Again if the answer to this is no then it’s a dead cert that it won’t work with all of your basic wardrobe. There’s buying a slightly quirky, out of your comfort zone item and there’s just being a chump as something is so cheap. Don’t do it!

Hope everyone had a fab Christmas.






2 thoughts on “When sales go horribly wrong ………

  1. Thank you Jeanette, it’s kind of reassuring to know that even an expert and experienced shopper can make mistakes… I am always a sucker for a name brand at half price, disregarding how it looks!!!! I can live in hope that this sale season I might learn my lesson!


    1. It’s only in retrospect I realised quite how bad those bits were, truly hideous on me. There are deals to be had out there though, I might try and stick with better quality places and give the likes of River Island a big old miss ….. We’ll see though. Watch this space for me to appear in some totally unsuitable items!


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