Return to the comfort zone ………

Bloody hell, what a shock to the system having to go back to work this morning. We’d all eaten and drunk ourselves into a virtual coma over Christmas and so the whole family was on go slow apart from me who had to be up at 6. The only silver lining is that it’s all pretty quiet on the work front so I’ve had a chance to have a quick whizz around the sales.

I’ve returned all the tat that I brought from River Island ….. I still don’t know how I thought that a shimmery, verging on see through top with a side split up my sides was a good idea! And because I now feel like I’m in credit I brought this dress from French Connection. I also got a grey T-shirt with a tiger head on. Must admit it sounds hideous and according to my daughter it is but I have plans for wearing it under a blazer, with black skinnies which will mean that you’ll hardly see the tiger head.


The dress is a winner for me. I find this sort of shift, basically shapeless, style of dress unbelievably useful. Wearable for work but I’d also bung this on for going out. I’d lose the polo neck and just add some heels and bling. I also love the snake skin material, with the flash of neon yellow. You can’t see in the photo but there is a neck tie and a few buttons at the front. I did ask myself, ‘would I have brought this at full price?’ As the original price was £95, the answer would be ‘no’ just because I can’t imagine ever spending that much on this type of dress. However £38 is much more palatable. Worn with M&S suede ankle boots.

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