Welcome 2016! …….

Very quick post to wish health (particularly you Mr White), happiness and wealth (fat chance for me personally) to all for 2016.

Had an A&E visit early New Year’s Eve for my daughter to have the earring back removed that had literally grown into her ear lobe.  I was quietly gagging in the corner whilst she was giggling like a fool as a result of being on the gas and air.

Out this afternoon for the obligatory NYD walk. The eldest will be horrified that there is photographic evidence of him wearing my flowery wellies. I’m pretty horrified myself that I’ve been captured in my daughter’s ear muffs, not my usual look.


Loads of New Year’s resolutions, mainly around staying in more and trying to organise my life more. Can’t imagine any of them will last much more than a couple of weeks ….. Hey ho, I can but try.

Thanks for following.



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