Only a quickie ……

I’m so over kids birthdays.  The eldest son turned 12 yesterday and the daughter is 10 tomorrow.  I anticipated that at their ages they’d be too cool for anything too big and maybe just want a quiet night in with the family, yeah right! So we all went to London on Thursday and I took the youngest to Lion King whilst the others went to War Horse.  I think in all honesty I was a year too early with the 5-year old.  All he did was itch his foot and ask for another sweet.

So it was a sleepover and Star Wars last night with the boys.  As a result I’m knackered crackered d and good for nothing more than a night in with Take Me Out.

Not a huge amount doing on the clothes front.  Out of nowhere I seem to have reverted to a neutral colour palette and ditched anything bright that I’d normally be drawn to.

This outfit was for when we popped out for supper with friends on our road, so not a huge amount of effort was made.  I haven’t worn this shirt from Reiss for a while – I forget how much I like the shape and sheer panels.


New Look coated leggings, Reiss shirt, J Shoe boots

Already my clean eating regime has gone to rat shit. I’m back on it big time next week – mark my words!

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