Let’s get physical, physical ……….

Now I am not one for the gym but I do love my squash, run on occasions and like a weekly Total Body Workout class. I used to be of the opinion that it didn’t really matter what you looked like when you were being sporty as the point wasn’t to be looking at yourself whilst you got up a sweat. However as I get older and the sight of me ‘sans makeup’ gets scarier, I’m more up for wearing something that will cheer me up mid squat.

Plus gym gear has improved hugely. You now get outfits that I’d gladly wear to do the shopping. With gym gear I object to spending £80 for a top from places like Sweaty Betty or Lululemon. Sounds disgusting but I get so sweaty playing squash that my gear only has a relatively short shelf life so I’d rather buy some colourful, fun outfits that I chuck when they begin to hum.

Now is the time to pick up some gym wear bargains. The best sales seem to be on line.

Dorothy Perkins have been doing activewear for a couple of seasons now. This pink 2-in-1 top is great value at £17.60, down from £22.00.  If you haven’t got much up top you could probably get away with just wearing this cropped top and no sports bra.


New Look is another place for good quality gym wear that looks much more expensive.  You can’t go wrong with these black zig zag leggings at £12.99 or the grey cowl neck jumper at £17.99.


I buy quite a bit of the kids sports gear from H&M.  Women’s activewear is equally as good, fab colours and a lot of layering style tops which I always find quite flattering.  Best discount bits are this purple 2-in-1 T-shirt at £5 (was £12.99), blue cropped leggings £5 (was £14.99) and if you don’t mind a logo these black ‘don’t quit’ leggings £7 (was £14.99).


imageimageNow in my opinion Esprit is your best bet for gym gear that looks much more upmarket but is a fantastic bargain in the sales.  Currently there’s also an extra 20% off sale prices with the code WINTER20.  I’ve left you to work out this extra discount, too much for my little brain.

I love this printed vest top £9.99 (was £19.99) and matching leggings £12.99 (was £25).  I do like a long sleeve jersey top with the thumb holes £14.99 (was 29.99) – makes me feel more professional for some unexplained reason.




Don’t forget Mango which seem to have a lot of relaxed yoga style clothes.  These yoga capri pants £8.39 (was £27.99) would be really useful for bunging on post workout and I love the detailing of this hooded soft pink top £12.99 (was £19.99).

image image

Right now we’ve got the gear got to put it to use.  Good luck!

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