Paper bag with that ……..

I do love a pair of high waisted trousers, I think they’re a flattering look as they seem to elongate the body. But I would admit that they can be tricky to pull off if you’re trying to mask your middle bit. Solution ……. Bring on the paper bag pants. Bad name certainly but to me they’re a more quirky way of getting a waisted silhouette without doing a full on cinch-in.

A pair of paper bag trousers would have to be high waisted, gathered in some way and if you’re going to be pedantic, some fabric coming out of the top above the cinched area.

In my little old opinion I reckon you have to balance all the gathering with a fitted top half. Clearly no one is going near a cropped top but you can get away with tucking in the top without it feeling too tight or exposed. Another thing to look for is that the gathering is at the front only. I brought a pair of pale pink Cos paper bag trousers in the summer but returned them as soon as I realised it looked like I was wearing a nappy. Either with or without a belt, but has to be a slender one.

Well looking at my wardrobe despite loving this look I haven’t got many cinched in bottom half bits. Really a pair of tuxedo style wide legged trousers that I used to wear a lot for work, not so much recently and these cargo trousers from H&M. Not exactly a fitted top but again trying to get my money’s worth from my BHS jumper. Grey suede boots from Gia.


So what else is there around, as I quite fancy a cropped version.


M&S Autograph tapered trousers with belt £39.50. These are great and I’m loving the styling with the pumps and striped top. You could also throw on a pair of heels and an off the shoulder top for going out.


M&S Limited Collection wide legged trousers £11.99 (down from £39.50). Grim styling this, the heeled boots are not to be replicated. Again a pair of pumps would make this a relaxed look that doesn’t make it look like you’ve tried too hard.

imageForever 21 denim trousers £12.99 (down from £19.00). These I really like. They would come into their own as it gets warmer and just wear with a vest top and skater shoes or sliders.


ASOS striped trousers £28 (down from£40). There’s a fine line here between PJs and a quirky but good addition to your wardrobe. Be good with a high necked jumper and maybe a long cardigan over the top.


Right old bargain from Whistles for these navy D-ring belted trousers £25 (down from £110). Be lovely with a fitted white shirt, simple as. However when I last looked there were only smaller sizes left on line.

Right, kids are clearly not going to put themselves to bed ….. Dear god when does that happen?

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