Going boho again ………..

In the last few seasons I’ve dabbled a bit with boho.  This has mainly taken the form of high waisted flared jeans, high necked lace tops and a touch of fringing.  Ultimately though my whole attitude is a million miles from the hippie, loose flowing hair, let it all hang out ‘vibe’.  However I suppose the key is, as with all these trends, to just add an element of whatever trend it happens to be and work it in with a style that you’re comfortable with.

I’m growing tired of sales now, we really are getting to the dregs of what the shops have to offer.  However I did have a quick whizz around Monsoon yesterday as their reductions are beginning to hit the 70% which is something that always gives me cheer.  And what did I find but this mid length, patterned red dress, complete with a hassled hem.  I do appreciate this style of fitted under the boobs isn’t everyone’s bag but I maintain that it’s a flattering style as it glosses over any troublesome tummy area and that bit around the rib cage doesn’t tend to get too out of shape.  Again maybe not a style to go for if you’re large chested.  However this baby is a silky material but still machine washable – what’s not to love.

IMG_0975Anyway I’m chuffed with my dress, its very ‘me’ as my husband said.  When he says things like this I never really know if its a compliment or him trying to say that its a particularly boring look.  Hey ho though, when it comes down to it his opinion isn’t too important in matters of clothes – if I like it then all is good.  Almost forgot, price, £24 down from £89.  Worn in the photo with M&S Autograph polo neck and LK Bennett tan boots.

There’s arguments going down in the White household – what to view tonight at the cinema related.  Is The Danish Girl one for the boys?  Husband fears not!  Really a night out is a night out, so I should be content with any option.  I will report back.

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