Final sales buy, this I solemnly promise ……

First things first – don’t be taking anyone male to The Danish Girl, they’re bound to loath it if Mr White is anything to go by.  It wasn’t the plan to see TDG but as it was so freezing the whole world and his wife seemed to want to go to the cinema on Saturday night so this was our only option.  I spent the final hour snivelling with all the emotion whilst Mr W sat dry eyed.  Apparently he hated the characters, hated the storyline, couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.  So said our cinema reviewer.

Two words for the weekends, bloody freezing.  It all took me quite by surprise.  Only bonus of the sprinkling of snow we got was that all the hockey matches were cancelled so no standing in the cold for me.  As I said in my last post I’m now over the sales and like a right saddo am beginning to think about options for the spring.  However my final sales buy are a pair of leather Virgin Ash high top trainers in a sort of taupe colour.  I had a quick whizz around a designer type boutique in Kingston where I’d never buy a thing sale or not and found a lone pair in my size.  They were originally £135 but I think that’s an overinflated boutiquse price as usually they’re about £129 and I got them for the bargain price of £55.  I used to have a pair of similar pair of Kirk Geiger high tops which I wore to death but there really aren’t any cheaper high street versions of the Virgin Ash if you want the buckles and the leather.

IMG_1017 (1)

Piling on the layers here – MaxMara coat (probably 10 years old), East cardigan, M&S Autograph polo neck, New Look coated skinnies

IMG_1016 (1)

Worry for tonight is what to wear tomorrow as giving a presentation at a work training day.  As much as I’ve tried to worm my way out of it there is no escape.  I haven’t done this sort of thing for years and I’m serious cacking it.  The only silver lining is that I’m on after the Health & Safety presenter, so surely I’ve got to be more entertaining than him.  We’ll see ……

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