Is it too Wizard of Oz?

I’m aware that gingham has been around for a couple of seasons although the 2016 version of gingham seems to be much bolder and brighter.  I’ve yet to properly dip my toe in this look but I tend to gravitate to anything chequered or with print so its only a small step to move in to gingham territory.  I like the fun element of gingham together with the nod to retro that it has.  What got me thinking about gingham was this gorgeous outfit from the new collection at Whistles.  Love everything about the outfit bar the sandals – I’d go for nude tights and ankle boots personally.


So clearly you have the Wizard of Oz connotations with gingham.  There’s also trying to avoid looking like a picnic blanket with this look.  I’d steer clear of the light blue and white pattern, too primary school uniform for my liking and go with the black and white or darker patterns.

So the first look would be a gingham dress with sneakers which will come into its own as it gets warmer.  You could argue that this printed shirt dress from Reiss isn’t technically gingham, but near as damn it I say.  Too many of the gingham dresses I’ve seen are very ‘young’ looking by which I mean indecently short in length and this shirt dress is a more grown up take on gingham.

Reiss dress £50 (down from £170), Boden blue Harper boots £47.60 (down from £119), Next leather look trainers £23, M&S 5 Denier Bare Invisible tights £6.IMG_1019

Next look is ultra casual but probably how I’d be most comfortable wearing gingham.  A black and white gingham shirt teamed with either some distressed boyfriend jeans or skinnies and heels is outfit gold in my book.

Esprit high top trainers £29.99 (down from £59.00), Forever 21 gingham shirt £8.99 (down from £14), M&S Indigo sweat top £28, Gap 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans £22.99 (down from £54.95), Top shop gingham ruffle shirt £39


People have been asking how my presentation went on Tuesday – WALK IN THE PARK!  Don’t know what came over me but I was actually relatively calm and collected.  I think the Health & Safety guy before me had bored the audience into submission so it was a pretty easy gig by the time it got to me.

Quick pic of today’s outfit.  Lots of my mates hate skater shoes with a passion so I imagine these skater boots will truly disgust them.  However they were a fiver in the Top Shop sale and I must say I’m rather partial to them although they do make my feet look humungous.  Apologies for the pose, most odd.

Boss trousers, Whistles polo neck, Yaya knitted cardigan, Stella & Dot scarf IMG_1021

I must away as have my daughter’s belated birthday sleepover tomorrow together with a cooking theme to organise.  Totally mad as last year they were all still awake at 4am and I was virtually in tears.  This time I’m going to put them all downstairs and let them go feral and I’ll just put my earplugs in.

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5 thoughts on “Is it too Wizard of Oz?

  1. As you’ve already identified, this latest round of gingham is rather associated with a younger audience. Its that too cool to be cool, bearded, skinny jean wearing, fixie riding, MacBook toting, dotcom startup hipster look.

    I think the second look is just on the edge of being counter-the-hipster-counterculture, chucking on some Vivienne Westwood or McQueen accessories would really finish that.


      1. True, I wish I could too. That said you never know what turns up at charity shops, a local place got a pair of McQueens donated, needless to say they didn’t hang about long.


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