I’m too old for all this …….

This is 4 hours of squash matches in 1 day, my body is screaming out for TLC.  I seriously am not going to be able to walk tomorrow which is a shame as I’ve got another match tomorrow evening.

Sleepover of the 4 10-year olds went swimmingly.  I’ve learnt that the ‘leave ’em to it’ approach to a wake-over (as we like to call them) is how to get through the night without bursting into tears yourself and removing the birthday girl, also in tears, so she has to sleep on the floor of our room.  The next morning there had clearly been a load of bed hopping going on, tonnes of sweets consumed and very little kip had but I hadn’t heard any of the shenanigans and that my friends is the main thing.  I made my daughter’s day the next morning by making her go to squash training at 930am.  How I laughed to see her dragging her tired little self around that squash court!!

There hasn’t been much doing on the clothes front this weekend as I’ve been in trackie bums the whole time.  However I donned this asymmetrical hemmed dress from Whistles for the 1st time.  Now to be honest I’m not sure if I’m totally loving the quirky shape of this dress.  Having it on it seems like there’s too much fabric.  However the colour is great and I’m comfortable in shapes that are fitted around the rib area.

Whistle blazer, M&S polo neck, M&S suede ankle boots


Right, packed lunches to be made.

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