I lied, this is my final, final sales bargain

I’m needing my layers right now as I sit watching the daughter doing two hours of squash training. It’s bloody freezing and there are no hot drinks to boot ….. And they call it a private school – where she trains rather than where she goes to school! And this is where my new knitted poncho from Gap goes to work, it is so damn cosy. It was £7.99 down from £49.95 and to me it’s got a touch of Baukjen or even Isabel Marant about it.

A year ago I wouldn’t have worn an outfit like this, would have felt too student like, despite my student days being eons ago. However fast forward a year and I can’t get enough of oversized knits teamed with coated skinnies and biker boots, sneakers, ankle boots – the options with footwear are endless.  To my mind the teaming of a voluminous, almost shapeless top half together with tight trousers makes legs look skinny minny. And that, if you’re blessed with hockey players (old style not the current crop of hockey players) legs is always a good thing.

I’m wearing the poncho with a black polo neck from Oasis, New Look coated skinnies and Emu black ankle boots. The boots’ claim to fame is that they are waterproof. I don’t really know how this works as the boots are leather rather than rubber but we go to Sweden in a couple of weeks so they can be properly tested then. Snow and -15 there apparently.

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