What Mrs White has been wearing ……

Well there’s not a lot to speak of really as all weekend I’ve been in squash kit as I’ve been playing in a local Surrey squash tournament.  And what a poor showing from Mrs White.  Two matches played, two loses recorded.  Not exactly bringing the silverware home this weekend!

I have however had a chance to test out my allegedly waterproof Emu boots as there has also been much standing in the rain watching hockey this weekend.  And it appears they are waterproof and also heatproof, in that they keep my feet remarkably warm.  As a result I am loving, I mean properly loving, them.  Yet again the boots are from my favourite local shoe shop, Shoes At Last, which seem to have wearable footwear, all with a slight quirky twist.


The boots can be worn two ways.  Either folding down so the suede turnover is visible or with the turnover pulled up, which is a bit more biker boot like.  I’m wearing them with Karen Millen tweed culottes which were originally £135 but I waited until they were were £60, although annoyingly I’ve seen they are now £35.  Worn here with an ancient M&S top that gets trundled out on occasions.


And this was an outfit to work one day this week.  Looking at the photo I realise quite how short the dress is, particularly for work, but I still love the mock croc type material pattern and the slouchy hang of the dress.  I’m getting a lot of comments about how I am always wearing my M&S polo neck, under pretty much any dress I wear – and this photo is no exception.  I’d like to say at this point that I’m always cold and so need my layering regardless of how it looks plus I have 3 of the same polo neck.  Suede ankle boots also from M&S.

Full of cold so off for soak in bath and hot toddy.  Hopefully I’ll be up and at it for tomorrow.

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