A combination of the two ……..

My recent posts have been looking at checked tops and also the latest offerings from M&S.  So today its a combination of the two – black and white check from Marks.


I tried this M&S wrap poncho affair on a while back but didn’t buy because of the £65 price tag, just didn’t know if I’d get my money’s worth out of it.  But at £19 in the sale its a no brainer as I’ve already worn it enough to justify the purchase.  Initially I thought I would have preferred it more as a cardigan but actually its great for weather like today when it isn’t particularly cold and you can get away without a coat.

Worn today with a Hugo Boss roll neck and Warehouse leather look skinnies.  These are the trousers that I literally got trapped in last winter – the trauma of which has only just left me.  And of my favourite boots of the week – the Emu ones.

Back to back classes at the gym today – spin followed by total body workout.  That’s something I certainly won’t be repeating!  I can hardly get myself up the stairs without crying in over dramatic pain.  I haven’t really ever been into doing spin but its absolutely exhausting.  Every minute seems like an hour in a darkened spin room.  Think I prefer it on the squash court.

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