It was all going swimmingly when …….

This weekend was meant to be a quiet one, meant being the operative word.  You know when things are chugging along quite comfortably and out of nowhere it all goes tits up.    For us its been the thorny old issue of schools for our eldest who’s in Year 7 – thought it was all calm on the school front and suddenly its not.  So Friday night we’re all set for something to eat and a VERY large one to drink.  I was chowing down on a spring roll when I get a bit of chicken stuck in my throat and I mean properly stuck. So off to A&E for 4 hours and I’ve burst all the blood vessels around my eyes in the process – completely disgusting thought I know!

Anyway we’re just getting over this mini drama when the next day the youngest trips over a step at the stadium when watching Fulham play.  Tooth through lip, massive bruising, looks a complete wreck.  So again off to the Dr’s.

So going out Saturday night for a 50th party was definitely not something I was particularly up for.  But one of those nights that makes you glad you made the effort and went.  However attempting to cover up the ‘eye situation’ was much more a priority than the outfit.  Actually in retrospect I wish I’d made more of an effort as everyone else was pretty glammed up.


A bit of a Reiss outfit as both top and the gold trousers were brought a while ago in the Reiss sale.  Animal print stilettos from Office and earrings (if you can actually see them) are from M&S.

All my knackered old children need to head to bed, shame its only 6pm.  May have to consider changing the clocks!

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