The pox has arrived chez White …….

Eldest son down with the lerggy and I think daughter is soon to follow which is a bit of a concern as we’re off to Sweden on Friday.  So after the usual argument with Mr White about who’s job is more important, I lost and am Nurse Nightingale for the day.  And I have to admit that when your kid is proper ill and just wants to spend the day in bed with the occasional toddle downstairs for hot Ribena and Calpol its actually a bit of a breeze.

And it’s amazing when you’ve got the whole day to faff quite how little you can achieve.  Zero packing done, no cleaning/cooking but I have decided which cheeses to have tonight when I have the book club ladies over for our meeting.  So enough of being hard on myself when I’ve clearly excelled myself today!

Some outfits from this week which has been a total ‘mare weather wise.  Every time I pop my head outside I get rained on.  First up the lady in black which is next to useless as I just look like a black blob when I’ve actually got about 3 layers on.


Reiss sparkly shirt where I lose about 100 sparkly things every time it goes through the wash.  Black Karen Millen dress and over the top a new purchase which either can be worn as a zipped up dress or a unzipped lightweight jacket.  Again you can’t see from the photo but its covered in spots so a bit quirky.  Its by a brand called Bitte Kai Rand which at a guess I’d say was Dutch.  £25 down from £189 so a right old bargain.  M&S suede ankle boots.

This next one I look like I’ve got a load of layers on and that’s because I have.  Hideous photo of mid conversation with the little guy.  M&S wrap, East cream jumper, there’s a Next polo neck under there somewhere.  The trousers are M&S high waisted skinny jeans and Virgin Ash boots to finish.


I see now that this final outfit was mistake.  I wasn’t particularly comfortable in it at the time, felt the trousers hung at an unflattering place and top just felt wrong.  Hey ho its another corner of the kitchen to photograph. Would have been much better with my good old black M&S polo neck and a loose fitting blazer.  Gap top, Reiss gold trousers and loafers from AGL.


Time now to finish off the book club book.  We’re currently reading We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson.  I’d describe it so far as, ‘a gothic tale of murder and mystery’ and I promise I didn’t copy that from somewhere.

Thanks for following.





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