Scaffolders, scaffolders all around …..

Well they turned up a week late and then proceeded to scaffold the whole house when we’re only adding a bedroom on at the back.  We literally came out of our front door and couldn’t even squeeze out as we we’d been ‘scaffolded in’.  I swore over anything that moved that I’d never mess around with the house again.  The memory of the building work we had done about 4 years ago has still not left me.

But memories fade and I keep trying to convince myself that its only a a teeny tiny addition to enable the youngest to be able to swing a cat in his bedroom. What could possibly go wrong?!

My last blog was about all things checked, particularly a good old check shirt.  That night the ladies of the book club turned up and 2 of them were sporting their check shirts.  One of them had brought 3 of the Uniqlo shirts which when I saw them they were down to £9.90 but had gone even cheaper and are now £4.90.  There aren’t very many left mind, the blue and red check that was probably my favourite is out of stock.  But I got there in time for the dregs – this orange and turquoise check and also a much subtler check of white, pale blue and red.


Buy big is my tip, XXL sounds enormous but actually has the oversize ‘smock’ look I was after.  The material is a really soft brushed cotton, so gorgeous to wear.   Worn in the photo with M&S black polo neck (quel surprise!) New Look coated skinnies, Gia grey suede lace up boots.  These photos are getting harder and harder to take.  The youngest insisted on photobombing with his foot and the daughter has dramatically strewn herself across the island as she too is down with the lerggy.

All of which is not ideal as we’re off to Sweden today.

Thanks for following.



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