That feels better …….

We all arrived feeling a bit rough but 6 days in Sweden seems to have sorted us out.  We’ve had a brilliant time.  For once the weather was with us so the snow fell and there was plenty of the white stuff for sledging and more importantly skiing.  I last skied about 14 years ago and since then I’ve lost a bit of the nerve you need, it must be an age/having kids thing.  All I kept thinking was, ‘please, please don’t let me break a bone’.  Taking on a black run just wasn’t worth the risk of being in plaster for months – how like my mother I sound!  The kids on the other hand didn’t have iota of fear and as a result got the hang of skiing unbelievably quickly.  One minute they’re on the nursery slopes like new born foals then the next they’re bombing down the slopes complaining that their dad is slowing them down.

My mate had warned me that all you need clothes wise for skiing is a wardrobe favoured by an eskimo and maybe a few more layers on top of that.  I think she was concerned that I’d repeat the mistake of my last visit, again in the winter, when I turned up in a denim jacket and half froze myself to death.  However turns out she was right, I didn’t change out of my ski get up and snow boots.  As a result there are no photos of any Scandi outfits as minger that I am I literally didn’t wear anything other than ski wear.

So this is a quick shot on our way to the airport.  The other Uniqlo checked shirt I got for under a fiver.  Worn with East blue smock top, Sandwich joggers, Whistles coat and Emu boots.


I tell you things in Sweden were crazy expensive, talking £35 for a pizza, £15 for a 2 minute taxi ride.  So belts will be tightened on our return and there was certainly no money for any sneaky Scandi purchases.  Prepare to see a lot of outfits that you’ve seen previously!

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