In the spirit of saving some pennies ……

There’s no getting away from it, I have a tonne of clothes.  In the main I get my fair share of wear out of them and do try and calculate the ‘cost per wear’ of everything I buy in the hope that I can create lots of different outfits from a single purchase. However there are some things that slip through the net and these are mainly sale bits where I get carried away with what a bargain I’m getting. Result being a complete waste of my money.

My Esprit jungle print bomber jacket is one such buy.  Its probably 2 years old and still has the label on. Now I love my sport and have sports kit and then I have non sports kit and never the two shall meet.  The leisure luxe trend has clearly been around for a while and shows no signs of going away.  In theory I’m well up for joggers, bomber jackets, sporty layering tops, its just in practice I question whether I could carry if off without looking too much of a plum.  So cue my jungle print bomber jacket – where I can hopefully breath new life into unworn clothes at the same time as dipping my toe in this sportswear inspired trend.

So today’s photo amid the building work is Sandwich joggers, Reiss turtle neck under there somewhere, Ash Virgin boots, Cos yellow scarf.


So trying to achieve this look from what’s currently out there on the high street.  There are  truckloads of joggers out there but of the sweat pant variety which for me is just too casual.  I can’t see me venturing outside in them, they are too pyjama like.  Its a question of finding that balance of relaxed and comfortable but not, I repeat not, looking like an extra from Fame.

Clockwise from top left: H&M Love jersey £19.99, Me&Em striped trousers £128, New Look lace less plimsolls £12.99, M&S navy faux leather bike jacket £55


Clockwise from top left: H&M bomber jacket £29.99, French Connection joggers £75, H&M knitted turtle neck £14.99, Zara striped T-shirt £9.99, Zara leather sneakers £39.99


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