What a wonderful new addition, not ……

We’ve got the one goal which totally dominates the garden and trashes the grass so what could be better than the addition of a second goal to complete the set and ensure that the whole garden is now used exclusively as a football pitch.  My delight at the generosity of my mother-in-law is indescribable!

imageSo here I am posing like the professional footballer I am in my Gap denim all-in-one.  I know its parky out but if I’m properly wrapped up on my top half I don’t mind a bit of ankle exposure.  I’ve been loving jumpsuits, all-in-ones, call them what you will for so many years now.  They are my go to for night out outfit if all other inspiration fails me.  Everyone always complains what a pain they are when you need to go to the loo but really ….. its an extra couple of minutes, tops.  Today I’m also wearing, Gap striped top, East knit cardigan, New Balance trainers and who knows where the scarf was originally from.

First for me today.  Was playing in a vets squash match this afternoon and in the second game the guy I was playing lost his rag with the umpire, smashed the ball a couple of time, threw in a few of the F and S words and stomped off the court, never to be seen again.  Most exciting thing my daughter has seen all day, that’s for sure.

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