I want it because I can’t get it ……..

Back in the day I used to really enjoy perusing the Sunday papers with a cuppa.  Those days seem to have disappeared with all the hockey match early starts.  However my mum was staying the weekend and she’s a lover of all the rags, so this week I had the chance to catch up with The Sunday Times.  I’m assuming that the fashion editor, Pandora Sykes, explores different trends each week, together with photographic evidence of her styling the particular trend.  This week she was wearing a Per Una red ruffle dress £75.  I literally can’t find any decent images of the dress online so I’ve had to make do with a photo from the magazine.


I absolutely love this dress.  Fantastic colour and length and looks like the chiffon material would be forgiving and wash like a rag.  There’s also no ignoring everyone going ruffle mad so this is a wearable way of introducing some ruffles to your wardrobe.  I think it would be brilliant for a night out but also could be one of those holiday staples which you just throw into the suitcase.  I’m not sure what it would be like without the belt, I think it needs the cinching in at the waist.  I’ve got a Ganster and Moll party coming up and although it might be pushing it slightly I thought I could get away with this dress as my take on a flapper dress.

So off I go to buy said dress, not in store, not online, not bloody anywhere!  So maybe I have to wait a while, but I didn’t anticipate I’d have to wait until May, yes May.  I suppose all this pre-publicity is meant to build anticipation for an item – a tactic that I’m clearly falling for hook, line and sinker.  However the whole thing drives to me to distraction.  Just too annoying seeing something you like, thinking its there for the taking but having to wait 2 months for it.  We are talking M&S here, not the waiting list for latest Mulberry handbag.

So I will wait but in the meantime I’ll see if there’s anything similar out there and get back on it.

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