Just like my old Mum …….

What follows is a list of the generous gifts I received from my children this Mother’s Day:- one metal collander, one pestle and mortar, one gravy thingy that you drain the fat off with, one Mary Berry cookbook (Foolproof Cooking) and a box of chocolates.  And I was delighted with every single one of them.  It does however make me realise that my delight in these presents which such a culinary theme is certainly a sign of the times and also the fact that I have officially turned into my mother.

This has been a weekend of patterned pants.  I went through a stage of wearing a lot of patterned trousers and then just as suddenly went off them.  So for ages they’ve just been hanging in my wardrobe looking lonesome and I’ve been considering taking them to the charity shop.  However as I’m still reeling with the financially aftermath of holidaying in Sweden – March, April, maybe even longer have become no spending months.  However even as I type this I remember I spent 40 quid on some Gap gym week during last week.  Hey ho apart from this small blip I am now trying not to buy clothes and revisit items I’ve had in my wardrobe but not worn for a while – hence the re-emergence of patterned pants.  And I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


Mango animal print trousers with an oversized cardigan which I can’t remember where I got it from, Gap black top under there somewhere, yellow Cos scarf and New Balance trainers.  The trousers are uncomfortable as anything and hideously tight around the bum but actually if you have a baggy top half of some description it covers all this up.  The trousers are also good with heels for a more smarter look.


I do like a bit of khaki and grey and these cam0 trousers are from Gap.  I’d prefer them with an even looser fit and more distressed.  Here they are worn with grey Gap sweater, M&S pink cardigan and Emu boots.

Now I’m really not one of those mums that always bangs on about my kids achievements.  School seems to do all this overpraising on my behalf as the kids can often come home covered in stickers just for the act of getting to school or eating their lunch.  Saying that I was pleased as punch with my eldest’s Mother’s Day present to me – seafood paella.  Made totally by himself.  No one could accuse him of sticking to a traditional paella recipes (don’t think broad beans feature heavily in the authentic Spanish version) but delicious all the same.


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