Mrs White’s outfits this week ……

Funny old week this one, not a huge amount of going to actual work as this is my last week until I start on 4 days so trying to take all my annual leave before it all falls into chaos.  However on a positive note it has been another week of no spending (on clothes), although I was sorely tempted by this Whistles breton cold shoulder top £95 as there is 25% off until Monday which is a decent chunk.  But have stayed strong although feel I’m going to regret this particular decision.  With my sensible head it is still £75 for a top.


I’ve brought so many pairs of New Look coated skinnies that I forget where they all are.  These are zipped skinnies, differ ever so slightly from the high waisted pair that I wear more often.  These zipped ones have been screwed into a ball in a drawer in my office for 3 months.  So I thought I’d rescue them and have worn them with a drapey duck egg blue top from Gray & Wilson.  It’s not really my colour but all that draping is forgiving so I gave it a whirl today.  Calls for upping of my make in order not to look totally washed out.


This next outfit I thought I liked at the time but in retrospect I look like I’m with child.  Wearing this M&S Victorian blouse without a cami underneath is not an option at work.  Come to think of it it’s not an option anywhere.  I think I need to hunt out some nude vest tops which may look a bit better.  Tweed trousers are from Claudia Straiter, gold brogues from AGL and pink coat is from Reiss.


And finally …… another mistake.  The shape of the coat just doesn’t work with the dress especially when they are both the same length.  In my defence I also wore a full length coat over the top.  Black M&S polo neck, Whistles dress, black Bitte Kai Rand coatigan and Unisa black boots.


So a quiet night tonight once the kids are back from hockey before a mad busy weekend – hockey, kid’s party, squash, kid’s party and so it goes on.  Out with the girls tomorrow night though so building myself up for that.

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