Like a character from Monsters Inc …..

I think that’s my issue with this M&S faux fur coat I brought a while ago ….. I just feel oversized wearing it and as a result other people seem to like it more than me.  Anyway it got another outing last night for a evening out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  We had all these intentions of having a large one but actually it was all very civilised.  Fab evening but the fact that Mr White was still up on my return is an indication of just how sensible we were.  And what do you know there was some party going on in the road which went on until the very early hours. I should have just knocked myself out with a load of booze and got some kip.


Wearing the coat with Reiss trousers which in real life are gold rather than this rather odd colour in the photo.  Cream and gold top from Fenn Wright Manson and print stilettos from Office.

This week I’m going to be delving into top to toe primary colour outfits – I hear that this is what we’ll all be wearing shortly.  I’m not so convinced myself but I may give it a whirl for work.

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