Dressing denim ………..

I’m of the opinion that denim dresses can be worn throughout the year pretty much.  It’s one of those wardrobe staples that is always wearable, its just the different shapes that come and go.  This spring there seems to much more of an A-line silhouette going on, I suppose in line with the 70’s trend.  Personally I love the smock or shirt dress shapes.

One style I wouldn’t have chosen would be the pinafore denim dress.  However I love a dungaree so why not a pinafore dress which is essentially a dress version of a dungaree.  This Karolina pinafore dress from Monsoon £59 is a dead ringer for the Stella McCartney Linda stretch dress at the whopping price of £470.  I will try this on and investigate although I have concerns I may look like an oversized doll in a pinny.

imageWhilst in Monsoon I had a try on of a couple of other denim dresses.  I’m still getting over the shock of my pasty white legs sticking out, my God there’s work to be done of those pins before they see the light of day.  This Shola tunic dress potentially would look better on other shapes but on me it’s a disaster – far, far too short. The Toyah denim dress £59, good dark denim, nice neck line but the length is all wrong (certainly on me and my hockey legs) and I find the tie waist a bit frumpy-dumpy.  imageThese are my pick of denim dresses.  Clockwise from top left; Warehouse long sleeve midi dress £40, Warehouse frayed hem shirt dress £25 (down from £45), Hobbs tunic dress £119, Alexa Chung for AG £245, Fat Face Lara denim dress £45.


The Warehouse midi dress would be brilliant for this time of year, just add tights, oversized cardigan and ankle boots.  I’m also a little bit in love with the Alexa Chung dress – gorgeous high neckline and puffed sleeve but there is no way my budget would ever stretch to £245 for a little denim number.

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