A completely failed experiment ……..

The idea was to try and experiment with wearing head to toe primary colours. I read it somewhere that Spring will be full of this look but in retrospect it was only the one place I read this. And my cunning plan has fallen at the first due to me simply not having enough plain coloured clothes. In fact I couldn’t even muster much that was primary coloured. So I tried, I really did but could only manage teaming 2 different colours in one outfit. Whatever they say, there is something in the positivity of colour, I definitely felt a tad more chipper …. And people could certainly see me coming!

First up the nearest I could manage to total block colour.  Whistles striped silk top, Whistles trousers, Reiss jacket and Hobbs shoes.  I would have been laughed out of the office if I’d attempted to take off the jacket.  Suddenly you’re in kids TV presenter territory.


Old mean and moody photo here.  I think I’d just seen the size of the bedroom that is currently being built at huge expense and I can’t see the difference between the old box room and the new one that we’ve been building up to the youngest so hugely.  Monsoon red top, Pied A Terre purple trousers and John Lewis gold ankle boots.


I’ve had so much wear out of this East royal blue coloured top, not bad for a tenner.  I love the blue teamed with the M&S mustard skinnies.  There’s also a Gap striped top, Viella jacket and Audley suede wedged shoes.


Come Thursday things were all getting a bit desperate and I was growing weary of the primary coloured experiment quite frankly.  I actually prefer this sweatshirt with a skirt but here I’m wearing it with Whistles trousers, Reiss boots, white Beaumont top.


Right, now have to deal with my eldest blowing a gasket and blaming me for stealing all his sports kits, apparently he can’t believe I could be sooo stupid and put some of his stinky stuff through the wash.  I’m a woman on the edge, not sure if he knows who he’s dealing with this evening!

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