Flappers go wild in Surbiton ……

Dressing up parties – bring it on I say.  I never used to like a fancy dress party, just the effort of getting to a party on time was about my limit, let alone getting an outfit sorted.  But getting older does funny things to a person.  Last night I had a Ganster & Moll party to go to and I was surprisingly up for it.  I did consider doing ‘Gansta’ as in Ali G but eventually plumped for a traditional look, something along the lines of Bugsby Malone but grown up.

Borrowed a dress from a mate, black wig which was more Cleopatra than Bonnie Parker, peacock feather headpiece for a quid from Claire’s, a load of pearls and we’re done.  The party itself was great but full of a lot of dodgy feather boers shedding feathers and lots of ladies wafting cigarette holders around. Excuse the photo, kids all thought it was more authentic if I had my hands up, showgirl style. Mmmmm not so sure myself!imageIt has been a fun but full on weekend.  I find the best type of nights are the ones you can walk to so Friday night was supper with friends with the extra bonus of living in the same road.  So able to totter home after a fab night and be in bed 10 minutes, love it.  Clothes wise, went for the trusty old French Connection shift dress with the Emu black boots. I think next time I’ll experiment with tying a pussy bow.imageI had a few hours this morning whilst the eldest was at squash and had a quick whizz around M&S. Some gorgeous bits for Spring there, a few of which I brought and will reveal later on in the week.

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One thought on “Flappers go wild in Surbiton ……

  1. Oh my love-hate relationship to fancy dress…some themes are torture for me, but on the other hand others let me live out a fantasy. I do love the whole art deco era, would be a perfect theme for a murder mystery evening.

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